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The Canada In India Show

Jun 17, 2021

Mannu Sandhu is an Indo-Canadian Actress, Model, Dancer and Producer of the Vancouver International South Asian Film Festival. From migrating to Canada in her high school years to working as a full time correctional officer to her first Canadian feature film and actively working for the Vancouver International South Asian Film Festival... Mannu shares with us her insights into the Canada - India connect and potential in entertainment industry linkages.

Host: Annie Dubé, Consul General of Canada in Mumbai
Guest: Mannu Sandhu
Support Team: Etienne Lambert, Jayita Phulsunge, Vanessa Fernandes
Production Team: Chhavi @Sonologue
Sound Engineer: Vijay Doiphode
Logo design: Jasmine Bharathan
Music by ValentineMusic, Music Standard License
Copyright 2021, Consulate General of Canada in Mumbai

Note: This episode was recorded in 2020 before the pandemic and the host now has a new role with the Canadian government.

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