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The Canada In India Show

Mar 11, 2020

Mark Cohon, the 12th commissioner of the Canadian Football League, and currently the Chair at the Juno Awards and with Toronto Global, is also an active partner in the rapidly growing Georgian Bay Spirit company. On this episode, he chats with our host Consul General Annie Dubé about investment, Canadian innovation ecosystem, tech, sports diplomacy & more!

Host: Annie Dubé, Consul General of Canada in Mumbai
Guest: Mark Cohon
Support Team: Etienne Lambert, Jayita Phulsunge, Vanessa Fernandes
Production Team: Chhavi @Sonologue
Sound Engineer: Vijay Doiphode
Logo design: Jasmine Bharathan
Music by ValentineMusic, Music Standard License
Copyright 2020, Consulate General of Canada in Mumbai


Cliquez ici pour la transcription en français 

Click here for the english transcription