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The Canada In India Show

Jun 24, 2021


A special tete-e-tete with Ailish Campbell from her last visit to Mumbai (February 2020), while she was the assistant deputy minister for international business development and chief trade commissioner of Canada. She led a global team of trade and international business development experts to help Canadian companies & educational institutions go global, grow & create jobs. Discover the evolving trade linkages between Canada & India and more on the Trade Commissioner Services which is now over 100 years old.
(Note:This episode was recorded in February 2020 before the pandemic and both our guest-host & guest now have new roles with the Canadian government)

Guest-Host: Carlos Rojas-Arbulú, Consul & Senior Trade Commissioner Guest: Dr. Ailish Campbell, Canada's Chief Trade Commissioner and Assistant Deputy Minister at Global Affairs Canada (at the time of recording this podcast)
Support Team: Etienne Lambert, Jayita Phulsunge, Vanessa Fernandes
Production Team: Chhavi @Sonologue
Sound Engineer: Vijay Doiphode
Logo design: Jasmine Bharathan
Music by Valentine Music, Music Standard License
Copyright 2021, Consulate General of Canada in Mumbai

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